What Makes Us Unique

Infrastructure for the people of Asia

  ADLcap is an innovative investor and developer. Our experience and expertise allows us to push the envelope and create innovative solutions to the unique challenges across emerging markets in Asia.  ADLcap creates disruptive and innovative structures and business models to solve the business challenges in these markets.

ADLcap combines international governance standards and expertise in investment and financing with local markets development expertise and relationships. Our transactional experience in the most challenging and difficult of markets and our relationships across the region enables us to deliver tremendous value.

Our activities across the value chain also allows us to create exceptional value for investee companies and projects that we develop or advise. ADLcap has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to innovate by thoroughly understanding the markets that it operates in and to bring this expertise to bear in its innovative approach.

ADLcap brings deep experience in working with global multilateral and bilateral institutions, development financing institutions (DFIs), global and regional banks with international investment and financing standards and structures coupled with local developer team members who have deep local market knowledge, experience and relationships – which are an absolutely necessity in navigating the emerging markets of SEA.

Our ability to successfully merge these different skill sets is our key to successful project development in emerging SEA.